iPhone 6s 4K Video Quality is Spectacular

If my iPhone 6s had more storage, the ability to use external microphones and longer battery life, I would probably never need a traditional camcorder. Especially, if I didn’t have a big ego that required a big camcorder. The iPhone’s vivid colors, compact size and ability to upload directly to the web make a traditional camera look prehistoric.

The majority of what I record with my iPhone are the everyday moments I spend with my girlfriend, Kara. I purchased the big Panasonic HC-X1000, but I infrequently use it. I’ve wanted a professional camcorder ever since I was a kid, but now that I have it the iPhone is still getting more use. It’s a swell camera, don’t get me wrong, but my iPhone is constantly with me. It’s sole drawback is I can only record for 3 minutes in 4K, before it’s storage is full.

I take a lot of photos, have lots of apps installed and shoot many 4K videos; the time it takes to upload all that content to iCloud is why the iPhone’s storage capacity is a problem. With a traditional camcorder you can just remove the SD card, copy and clear. Or if you have a few extra SD cards, plop another in and you’re on your way to recording more 4K content. Maybe with 1 terabyte of storage, then my iPhone would have enough space for me to record while slowly uploading content to iCloud.

I can see the iPhone usurping conventional video camcorders with its stunning quality and unrivaled portability; but the storage problem needs to be addressed first. Of course when I film clients, that’s when I break out my big 4K professional camcorder, because they would expect nothing less of me. It’s heavy, sure, but it’s impressive in appearance. Granted it does allow for XLR input and phantom powered microphones, it’s got better low light abilities; but even if all things were equal an iPhone would look amateurish in the eyes of my clients. No matter how small the technology got, we expect professionals to carry big cameras and fast cars to make lots of noise.

Do you see yourself using an iPhone or similar device in the future to shoot professional video? Assuming that their capabilities were comparable. Taking into account for detachable lenses and larger sensors; if everything could be stripped away while offering a similar final result, would you still long for a large form factor?


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