2005 Paleolithic Films Logo
Original 2005 Paleolithic Films logo drawn by Aaron Garcia in Microsoft Paint on Windows XP.

Paleolithic Films is the unabridged video portfolio of Aaron Garcia and associates. The name was initially coined in 2005 to represent the fictional movie studio for his cinematic work.

In 2008, after becoming serious about video production, Aaron decided to purchase paleolithicfilms.com in hopes of one day evolving it into a video production company. By 2010, a DBA was registered with the State of Texas. Paleolithic Films served a brief period in an official capacity, but was later abandoned in favor of freelancing. Today, Paleolithic Films remains a creative alias for Aaron and his colleagues to collaborate under.

The creative works in this portfolio date back to 2001 and include productions under other aliases: S.R.A. Films, Glacier Studios, Iceberg Entertainment and agarcia.tv.